Nice to meet you here!

I'm a user experience designer. I design delightful mobile and web applications.

I hold a MS in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and a BS in Computer Science from Fudan University, Shanghai. My background provides me an in-depth understanding of technology and enables me to utilize technical insight while developing intuitive user experiences.

My areas of interest include interaction design, multi-device experiences, and IoT. I really enjoy investgating user behaviors, creating animations in After Effects, and quickly coding out the website in Saas in a responsive manner.

When I have free time, I serve as an event photographer in IXDA Seattle and store the moments in a series of documentary shot. I’m from a beautiful seaside city named Qingdao and I have a love for the ocean.

Want to Connect? You can find me on Dribbble, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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