Oracle MOS

Redesign a better workflow for support engineers

MOS known as My Oracle Support is an internal portal for solution engineers to effectively resolve the SRs filed by customer. I worked as a prototyper in the UX team, to validate the interactive aspect through building up the live frontend in ADF and Axure, to help with the usability test and iterations. UI element that has been tested includes Global smart menus, Overflow tabs, Prioritized SR queue, View notifications, Multi-panel overlook.

Prototype overview

Quickly switch between the cases

Customer support engineers work on multiple cases at the same time (on avg. 17 cases). They jump between these cases frequently. Easy to lose track of cases.

Initial idea is adding tabs with a hover over summary pane. It added a lot of cluster, once the tabs get into the overflow, it is not user friendly to switch, because it requires two clicks to get to it and each click requires the time to find the right case.

Usability test in the new prototype

After testing with users. a new solution is proposed, which opens the cases in a separate browser tab. User just need to scroll down the work queue where a summary of the case is provided already.

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