A Critical Thinker

Selected Work


Content management solution transforms your office into a digital workplace

Green Closet

Know your closet
Control your expense
Swap with your friends

IBM Expertise

IBM's modern platform for in-house experts

Dota 2

D3.js Data Visulization for professional game players


Visual · Motion graphic · Painting


HTML/CSS · Javascript Jason · Ajax · PHP · D3.js

Oracle MOS

Redesign a better workflow for support engineers


A Smart fridge
A housekeeper

Little Thoughts

All loads are not equal. The order of the loads from the most expensive to least is: cognitive, visual, motor. Many times I add a few clicks to save the user from thinking. But sometimes still I add tons of visual load to save a click. As a designer, I'm always making trade offs.

Good design redefines itself, rapidly and iteratively. Watching customers use a product through user research is one of the best ways to develop design instincts and avoid mistakes. Regardless of the data, I still try to follow a bit of the gut, because the ultimate goal is to invent the future.

In Chinese philosophy, there is a yin-yang theory. Keeping a balance between yin and yang helps boost the energy. Design is a philosophy, it is about less is more, about keep it simple, about balance consistency and creativity, accuracy and efficiency, self-expression and understood by the users.

"Valuable creators understand the entire production path." — DevTips

The most successful designers will be those who can work with intangible materials — code, data, and voice.